'Why every woman needs a luxary bra' by this months guest blogger adrugstoreaddiction

Posted: Aug 26 2014

To put it simply; cheap bra's wear out. Ever heard of the phrase quality not quantity?

I spend £30+ on my bras and in the long run I save. Say you were buying a new £10 bra

a month, that's going to cost you twice as much as the 3 decent bra's you need a year


Gone are the days were us girls had only the job of looking pretty. Nope

now we have to maintain levels of attractiveness AND work a 9-5 job.

Comfort is key.


Fashion bras are fun, flirty, sophisticated and 100% not found on the shelves in Primark.

You want the 3 traits I just described right? Well you're going to have to loosen the purse

strings a little.

Take this luxury dark purple satin bra from Alexis Smith underwear. It's soft, silky,

 looks great AND comes with a beautiful bow in the centre. Postal orders come wrapped

in gift paper adding to the luxury effect. Hands up if you don't want all this. No one?

I thought not.


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